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Places Other People Have Lived

An autobiographical exploration of the relationship between memory and place, as told through the sale of a childhood home. Director/Animator: Laura Yilmaz Sound: Bethany Sparks Featuring: Mustafa, Cathryn, and Caryn Yilmaz

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4 Comments to Places Other People Have Lived
    • Barb_Fulton
    • really makes you think. this film made me think of how important it is to preserve my family history. we should all remember that things are just that, our closeness as a family is what really matters and then things fall by the wayside.

    • Genzulu
    • My family moved to our present house when I was 11 years old. Since then, everytime I have dreams of home or where I lived, the image would be my childhood home. I always wondered about this, considering that I have lived where I live now much longer.

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